Single mother Denise has provided a financial wellness foundation for three generations of her family.

“As a single mother of two, financial independence has always been challenging with the rising cost of living in Hawaii. As my family started to grow, I knew that living paycheck to paycheck in public housing was no longer in the best interest for my family. I was overwhelmed with monthly expenses and needed financial assistance to improve our living conditions.

HawaiiUSA provided financial education and a loan to purchase my first cooperative apartment for my family. The loan helped to consolidate my bills and provide a down payment on my apartment.

A few years later, my daughter was looking to buy her first vehicle and with the assistance of a HawaiiUSA auto loan she purchased a brand new 2020 Nissan Rogue.

HawaiiUSA encourages financial wellness, and my daughters have recently opened savings accounts for their children with the federal stimulus money. HawaiiUSA has always provided my family with financial solutions and relief. I appreciate that the employees at HawaiiUSA recognize me and greet me by name. That makes me feel like a valued member that's treated like Ohana.”



Everyone deserves a fresh start

If you feel overwhelmed like Denise did, you aren’t alone. Simplify your payments with a Consolidation Loan with rates as low as a 5.00% APR* for 12 months. A Consolidation Loan gives you the financial freedom to turn all your high-interest credit cards, personal loans, and other high-interest debt into one easy, fixed low monthly payment you can afford.




Another option to help you to better manage Credit Card debt and lower your monthly payments is to take advantage of a Balance Transfer and move your high-interest credit card balance(s) to a HawaiiUSA Life Matters Cash Back Visa® Credit Card.


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