The count-down to 2021 is upon us. Whether you have been looking forward to it since June or you’ve found something to savor in 2020, we will all soon be saying “goodbye” to this year. Here are some ideas for enjoying the rest of the season by focusing on what you can do instead of what you can’t.



Most holiday traditions involve food and people. With smaller in-person gatherings, you probably don’t need to prepare as much food. Instead of the usual spread, why not try something different? It could be a theme ingredient in every dish (bacon, anyone?); dessert before main, or copying a menu from a favorite movie.


Holiday lights are easy to enjoy at a safe distance. Check your local community for special drive-through events.

Take a break from screens and pick up some holiday books instead. Cozy up with hot chocolate and enjoy sweater-weather while it lasts.

Volunteers are needed in every community. There are many ways to contribute, whether for an hour or a day. And the funny thing about helping others? You often end up feeling better for it.

Alone time

Whether you’ve had too much or too little time alone this year, schedule one last hurrah with the person in the mirror. Put it on your calendar and commit to it. What to do with this time? Whatever makes you feel good. Visit a botanical garden, go for a swim, do yoga, or read. Sleep in, (finger) paint, picnic in your backyard, or take a nap. It’s all about you.

Say goodbye to 2020

If “good riddance” describes your attitude toward this year, you aren’t alone. But if New Year’s Eve fireworks aren’t enough to erase what you’d like to forget about 2020, here are some ideas. After difficult experiences, some people find it helpful to write or draw to express their feelings. Others take it a step further and destroy those writings or drawings to symbolize leaving them behind and looking forward to new beginnings. It might feel silly or odd, but it’s one way of capturing those thoughts and feelings and making them tangible.

Or you can skip straight to the good stuff: what you’re looking forward to in 2021. Focus especially on things you have control over, no matter how small. Here’s to a shiny new year.


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