When we were kids our moms told us all kinds of things that we didn’t like or didn’t get. Now that we are older, we understand what she was trying to say …

“Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees”

We’ve all heard this one. At the time, you are thinking, “well yeah!” Mom was really trying to instill budgeting and smart money management habits. We have a natural urge to buy things, that’s just a fact, but mom was reminding us to think before we buy.

“You eat what’s on your plate. Just think of all the starving kids out there!”

That last piece of broccoli always seemed to spark this line. Mom was really teaching us appreciation for what we have and to never waste those things. Now that we are older, we can relate this to anything. Do I really need new gym shoes or is there still life in my current ones?

“Oh wait… I have a coupon.”

We had to wait for mom to look in her purse for the yellow Longs ad to find her coupon. At the time, we were thinking, “Mom… that is so embarrassing,” but now that we’re older, we realize that those small discounts here and there can really add up. Mom was teaching us to look for sales and be mindful when we shop.

“Give mom your birthday money.”

And that is why we all wanted gifts we could unwrap instead of cards! Mom would take our birthday money and we’d never see it again. Now we understand that she was putting it in a savings account for us - teaching us to sacrifice now to save and invest for the future.


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