You've taken steps to prevent identity theft. Signing up for account transaction alerts and regularly reviewing credit reports are just a couple of ways you safeguard personal data and monitor your accounts for fraud.


Financial institutions also work to keep accounts safe. Most require you to show a picture ID before completing an in-person transaction. Security cameras oversee activity in the lobby and drive-thru. There are even special procedures to access the bank vault.  


But how are you protected when completing an account transaction over the phone or online? It's one thing to verify who you are with login credentials and one-time-use passcodes, but how do you also know the website or the person on the other end is who they claim to be?


MemberPass® Digital ID offers the perfect solution.


What is MemberPass?

MemberPass is a contactless smartphone app that offers HawaiiUSA members a new way to leverage technology to verify identity while protecting accounts from identity theft.


How does it work?

When you set up MemberPass on your smartphone, account credentials are encrypted and protected in the device's digital wallet. They can only be accessed using biometrics, e.g., fingerprint or facial recognition, or the PIN you entered during enrollment. Each time you call, chat on our website, or visit a branch location, use the MemberPass app to securely confirm your identity in seconds.

Step 1 - HawaiiUSA sends a push notification to your smartphone

Step 2 - Log in to your MemberPass app

Step 3 - Tap the MemberPass icon to confirm your identity - and that's it!

You no longer need to show a physical ID card or answer security questions before completing a transaction. And you'll have peace of mind knowing that you’re securely connected with HawaiiUSA.


Aren't state-issued IDs and security questions enough to safely authenticate my identity?

Fraudsters can make fake ID cards using pieces of information they collect online. Security questions, used widely by many banks and credit unions, are becoming less effective at protecting online accounts. Many thieves guess answers by learning about you from social media accounts or digging through your trash. That’s one reason HawaiiUSA no longer uses security questions in Digital Banking.



Are there other ways to keep my data safe?

Yes. Here are two additional actions that can prevent prying eyes from accessing your personal data.

1. Never share passwords.

2. Sign up for two-factor authentication (2FA) with every online account that offers this service.

Two-factor authentication requires you to confirm your identity after entering a username and password. Users receive a one-time-use passcode so they can log into their accounts. Without the passcode, account access is denied, even if the person successfully provided your username and password.

Remember these methods typically only work to verify your identity, not the person requesting information. Scammers may also use smishing (SMS text phishing) or vishing (voice phishing) techniques to pose as a legitimate business and gain access to your data.


Smishing is an attempt by scammers to get victims to respond to a text message that appears to originate from a trusted source. Vishing occurs when scammers spoof the caller ID to make it appear the phone call is coming from a trusted source. In both cases, the scammer is attempting to get you to provide personal financial information to resolve a "problem" with an account.


Why should I use MemberPass?

When using digital identification tools, like MemberPass, you benefit from two-way security. In addition to confirming your own identity, you'll have the assurance that you are communicating with HawaiiUSA, not a scammer. Start using MemberPass today, so we know it’s you, and you know it’s us. This helps further reduce the risk of account fraud and identity theft.

You care about keeping your money safe, and so do we. When we both do our part, our defense against fraud is much stronger.


How do I sign up?

If you're a primary member of HawaiiUSA, you can get started today. Enrollment is fast, free, and easy. Get MemberPass to protect your accounts today.