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Financial Education

"Life matters" at HawaiiUSA, so we're passionate about exceeding expectations to help you meet your financial goals. Our Life Events Assistance Program (LEAP) delivers financial education tools and resources to help you become a better, smarter money manager of your hard-earned finances.

Financial Education

Happy Financial Fitness Month!

Throughout April, HawaiiUSA will bring you tips and tools to help you get financially fit! Start with or catch up on Money Matters on Living808.

Your Fitness Tools and Tips

Having little to no credit can be tricky when it comes to car buying. You have three options:

  • Get a co-signer (this will probably be one of your parents/guardians)
  • Build your credit score
  • Get a First-Time Auto Loan

While the first option may look like the easy way out, it is very high risk and has very little reward; you will be placing most of the burden on the co-signer. They will be taking full responsibility and face all consequences if you default, meaning that you fail to make the payments, on the loan.

The sooner you start buliding your credit, you not only open up the opportunity to purchase a car, but a house, a vacation, and other large purchases too.

Building good credit takes time. Here are some tips:

  • For those with no credit, get a secured credit card. This card is based on the deposit you provide, and serves as your credit limit
  • Make payments on time.
  • Keep your balances low and pay them off in full each time.
  • Don't apply for too many credit cards at once
  • Keep your accounts open as long as possible

Give yourself at least six months to establish and/or build credit, and you could be one step closer to owning a car.

Lastly, you could apply for a First-Time Car Buyer Loan, which allows individuals to qualify for a loan with little or no credit. Since credit score is not taken into consideration for this loan, there is more emphasis on income as well as your down payment. With this option, you won't need to put a co-signer at risk and  you'll be able to build your credit score! 

What's a credit union? How can an Accessory Dwelling Unit help me? How do I protect myself from ID theft? Get the inside scoop on managing your money and lifestyle from the finance gurus at HawaiiUSA. Watch our Money Matters segment featured on KHON2's lifestyle morning show, Living808, hosted by Trini Kaopuiki and Taizo Braden. Tune in weekdays at 8:00 am.

Watch Money Matters


We hope you're enjoying your jouney to becoming more financially fit this month. This fun infographic, "April Foolish Financial Decisions", shows you what not to do with your millions.


Use this LEAP budgeting worksheet to help you reach your fitness goal by 2020. Learn more at


Challenge starts this week! Fill out a card at any HawaiiUSA branch by Friday April 15, 2016.