Dreams are within reach

We believe everyone can (and will) attain their dreams by making the right choices every day. That’s why we’re committed to offering the tools and knowledge to help you choose wisely, financially. Our member promise is to support your dreams through the products and services right for your unique needs and lifestyle.


What is financial wellness?

In the same way we care for our bodies by working out and eating right, we must nurture our finances. Financial wellness describes individuals who earn enough to cover daily and monthly expenses, are prepared for emergency instances, and plan for financial goals and large purchases, while maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle.

In May 2016, the Financial Health Network (FHN), previously known as the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), identified four components of financial health: Spend, Save, Borrow, and Plan. To download and read the paper, click here

Since then, we have incorporated these components to our efforts in improving the financial health of our members, workforce, and communities we serve.


How to achieve financial wellness

According to the FHN, financial stability and wellness is achieved when eight indicators are satisfied. Each component (Spend, Save, Borrow, Plan) listed below has two wellness indicators. Visit the linked articles for tips and tools on getting financially fit.



Indicator #1: Spend less than you make
Indicator #2: Pay bills on time and in full

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Indicator #3: Have sufficient living expenses in liquid savings
Indicator #4: Have sufficient long-term savings or assets

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Indicator #5: Have a sustainable debt load
Indicator #6: Have a prime credit score

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Indicator #7: Have appropriate insurance
Indicator #8: Plan ahead for expenses 

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