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Visa Balance Transfer

Consolidate all your credit card bills into one easy payment!
When you transfer your non-HawaiiUSA credit card balances to your HawaiiUSA Visa® Platinum Credit Card between January 15, 2015 and March 31, 2015, you can save money with a low promotional interest rate until November 2015.

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Visa Platinum Credit Cards

Balance Transfer Promotional APR*
until November 2015
Standard APR* thereafter
5.90% 8.00%
7.90% 9.96%
10.90% 12.96%

Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Cards

Balance Transfer Promotional APR*
until November 2015
Standard APR* thereafter
5.90% 8.00%
7.90% 10.90%
10.90% 14.90%

Request a Balance Transfer

Request your balance transfer by visiting any of our 13 branches and providing your other credit card and retail card statements with the following information:

  1. Credit card company name
  2. Full account number
  3. Payment address
  4. Balance transfer amount

Request a Balance Transfer Authorization Form by calling (808) 534.4300 or (800) 379.1300, or emailing: loans@hawaiiusafcu.com

Enjoy These Special Benefits:

  • No Annual Fees
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • Transfer any amount up to your available credit limit
  • Low 1% Foreign Transaction Fee
  • Exclusive breast cancer Visa® Pink Platinum Credit Card available**
  • CURewards Points Program***

*The Promotional APRs are 5.90%, 7.90%, 7.90%, 10.90% and 10.90%, and correspond to HawaiiUSA FCU Visa® Credit Card Accounts for consumer accounts with Standard APRs of 8.00%, 9.96%, 10.90%, 12.96% and 14.90%, respectively. (For example, if your Standard APR is 10.90%, your Promotional APR is 7.90%.) The Promotional APRs are valid for qualifying balance transfers processed by HawaiiUSA FCU between 1/15/2015 and 3/31/2015. All qualifying balance transfers processed during that period will receive the Promotional APR until the billing cycle date in November 2015. After that, the Standard APR for your HawaiiUSA FCU Visa Credit Card Account will apply to all outstanding balances. Qualifying balance transfers must come from credit card and retail accounts only, and only up to the amount of available credit on your HawaiiUSA FCU Visa Credit Card Account. Business transactions, business credit card accounts, and transfers from any HawaiiUSA FCU account do not qualify. The Standard APR for your Credit Card Account will apply to all balance transfers that do not qualify for the Promotional APR. Minimum payments will be applied to balances at lower APRs before being applied to balances at higher APRs. To the extent your payments exceed the minimum payment due each billing period, we will apply them to balances with higher APRs prior to balances with lower APRs. Offer may end at any time. **Charitable Benefits: Use of the HawaiiUSA Visa® Pink Platinum Credit Card results in donations to charity. HawaiiUSA FCU will donate 0.10% (10 cents for every $100) of all net Purchases (less returns) made with the Card. HawaiiUSA FCU will donate up to $20,000 of net purchases annually. HawaiiUSA FCU has designated the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® program of the American Cancer Society as the current charitable recipient. HawaiiUSA FCU reserves the right to change the charitable recipient or to terminate the program at any time. No change will affect donations previously made. For information on breast health information, visit www.cancer.org/stridesonline. ***The CURewards Points Program is available for specified accounts only.

Contact Us

Oahu: (808) 534.4300
Toll-Free: (800) 379.1300

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HawaiiUSA FCU For more information, call HawaiiUSA FCU at (808) 534.4300 or toll-free (800) 379.1300, click or visit one of our branches.
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