Card Management

Easily manage your credit and debit cards in Digital Banking. Block/unblock, setup Alerts, report lost or stolen, and create travel notes.



How to setup:


Step 1: Select Financial Tools

Step 2: Credit & Debit Card Controls

Step 3: Choose the desired credit or debit card

Step 4: Choose your option and follow the prompts


Receive alerts each time your account is accessed, when your debit card is used, or choose from other text, email, or push notifications.



How to setup:


Step 1: Go to Finanical Tools

Step 2: Select Alerts

Step 3: Toggle on/off desired Alerts

Step 4: Select delivery method

Biometric Security

If you already use your Face ID to access your mobile device, enjoy the same convenience and security with your HawaiiUSA app.



How to setup:


Step 1: On the Mobile App, Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on Face ID and toggle the feature on/off

Note: The Face ID option must be turned on for your device as well



Two-Factor Authentication

Like an alarm system on your house, this extra
layer of security brings peace of mind.



How to setup:


Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Select the Security tab

Step 3: Toggle on/off Two-Factor Authentication—
email, SMS, and/or voice call



Digital Banking made easy.