Staying up to date with your finances can directly lead to additional peace of mind, a sense of security, as well as potential savings with the avoidance of fees. Responsible behavior, however, is not always the easiest thing to accomplish, especially when considering all the busyness that accompanies daily life. That’s where HawaiiUSA, and our commitment to your financial wellness, comes in to help. With Digital Banking Alerts, Debit Alerts, and Credit Card Member Alerts, be notified about important account activity on all your banking relationships.


Use this table to help you decide which Alert types you need:


Digital Banking Alerts
Debit Alerts Credit Card Member Alerts




Text, push, and/or email Text and/or email Text and/or email
What should I use it for?


Keeping track of things like:

  • What's my balance?
  • Did a check clear?
  • Has my transfer or other transaction posted?
  • Am I close to going negative on my account?


Being immediately notified when there’s a transaction made with your Debit Card Being notified when there’s a transaction made with your Credit Card and payment reminders






How to enroll


Log in to Digital Banking and click on “Settings” Click here Log in to Digital Banking and click on “View Transactions” under Credit Cards


Step-by-step guide


View here View here View here




How to set up Digital Banking Alerts

Step 1: Log in to Digital Banking

(New to Digital Banking? Enroll by clicking here.)

Step 2: Go to the Alerts widget

Step 3: Toggle on/off desired Alerts

Step 4: Select delivery method

Step 5: Select the types of alerts you want to receive: Remote Deposit Completed, General Alerts, Automatic Deposit Alert, Automatic Withdrawal Alert, Balance Alert, Balance Summary Alert, Check Cleared Alert, Debit Card Purchase Alert, Insufficient Funds Alert, Regulated Savings Transfer Alert, Transaction Alert, Transaction Description Alert, External Transfer, Account Blocked Alert, External Transfer, Canceled Alert, External Transfer, Submitted Transfer Fails, Transfer Succeeds, Savings Goal Completed Alert, Savings Goal Endangered Alert, and Online Banking Access Alerts




How to set up Debit Alerts

Step 1: Register your Debit Card by clicking here

(Curious about Debit Rewards? See what you can earn.)

Step 2: Click on “Register / Manage”

Step 3: Enter your HawaiiUSA Debit Card number to enroll your card

Step 4: Acknowledge the Debit Alerts Terms & Conditions and click “Next”

Step 5: Authenticate your Debit Card by answering the security questions

Step 6: Enter a Nickname for your Debit Card, as well as the receiving email and telephone number

Step 7: Click on “Complete Registration”

Step 8: From your Alert Management portal, click on “Add New Alert” to be notified on international transactions, online activity, decline transactions, and large transactions




How to set up Credit Card Alerts

Step 1: Log in to Online or Mobile Banking

Step 2: Go to the Card Management Widget

Step 3: Register your Credit Card for Digital Banking by clicking “Setup”

Step 4: Select preferred alert delivery method (You are able to update contact information in the Settings widget, Contact tab)

Step 5: Select desired Authorization Alert threshold

Step 6: Click Save


*Standard text messaging rates and additional charges may apply from your cellular phone provider. Please contact your cellular phone provider for pricing plans and details.