My hometown

Honolulu, HI

Why did I become a Business Development Officer?

I was presented with an amazing and unexpected opportunity to expand my knowledge by becoming a Business Development Office (BDO) to learn and share the importance of Financial Wellness within our community. I truly believe in bringing that “aloha” spirit to the table when connecting with people and their financial situations. It’s not always an easy discussion, so by bringing your textbook knowledge, along with a genuine heart and personal experience, you can make others feel comfortable and help them to understand the importance of finances. Having the ability to pass that on to others fills my bucket to know they are one step closer to achieving their lifelong dreams and goals.

Why does financial wellness matter?

Growing up, learning about finances and managing your money was not a topic that would be discussed regularly. Now having a career working at a Credit Union, it has opened my eyes to the importance of knowing tips and tools on how to save for current goals and future retirement. Being able to achieve these life events while controlling your finances, will set you up for success!

What do I do when not at work?

On my days off I love to soak up the sun and have quiet beach days to reflect on my week and get ready for a new one. Spending time with my Ohana is always a top priority whether it’s in person or on FaceTime. On rainy days I love a good movie and popcorn! 


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