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Our business partners, including small companies, large enterprises, non-profits, organizations, and associations, can provide their staff with an expansive benefits package that puts their financial wellness at the forefront.

My loyalty is influenced by how much a company cares about my financial well-being 46%25 of Millennials, 44%25 of Gen X, and 30%25 of Baby Boomers

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) study in 2019.

Business partners can offer employees (and their immediate families) competitive rates, discounts, and promotions exclusive to our members. Business partners can also arrange custom complimentary workshops for trusted tips and expert advisement on how to be savvy moneywise.

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Our employees’ financial health is extremely important to us and HawaiiUSA FCU has helped provide the resources we need to help them. The education has motivated our employees and has helped them realize that anyone, at any salary, can work towards an improved financial future. We have seen increased morale and have developed a trusting relationship where the employees can look to us for guidance and support. Michelle Garlock, Human Resources/Operations Manager, Kina ‘Ole Estates

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REHAB Hospital of the Pacific is invested in providing a comprehensive overall wellness program for our staff. We are extremely grateful to HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union for their support and partnership over the past 2 years in developing financial wellness resources and training for our REHAB employees. Lori Yoshioka, Director of Human Resources, REHAB Hospital of the Pacific

How to boost productivity and retain talent

Money on the mind?

When worrying about how to pay this month’s stack of bills, it can be difficult to think of anything else – even at work. In a PwC 2019 study, 59% of participants said that financial challenges cause them the most stress. Employees who are stressed by money matters are more likely to be distracted and less productive than their counterparts.

Keep your key players engaged by offering a wellness-focused benefits package and arranging targeted workshops designed to address financial woes. Staff can learn tips every savvy spender should know and have access to competitive credit union rates and perks. By understanding how to balance personal budgets each month, employees can focus on what needs to get done while on the clock.

1 in 5 employees

admit their productivity at work has been impacted by financial worries


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49% of financially distracted workers spend

three hours or more at work each week

thinking about or dealing with issues related to their personal finances



85% of Millennials, 75% of Gen X, and 52% of Baby Boomers

are likely to be attracted by another company that cares more about their financial well-being


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