My hometown

Kahuku, HI

Why did I become a Business Development Officer?

The opportunity arose after the completion of the Small Business Grant Relief and Recovery Fund, where HawaiiUSA FCU, in partnership with the Honolulu, Kauai and the Big Island Counties granted reimbursements to small businesses.  Becoming a Business Development Officer is a challenging opportunity, but I have the privilege and honor of learning from a team of strong, intelligent individuals who put our members and community first. I hope to grow and help as many businesses and members thrive and increase their opportunities for success.

Why does financial wellness matter?

Financial Wellness matters because the choices we make today or have made in the past really affect our future options. Growing up, I never heard the term, “financial wellness” and have only adapted ways of saving and spending based on what I thought was in my best interest at the time.  When I moved away from home, started college and working, I didn’t understand the amount of debt I was acquiring let alone balancing my finances.  I concealed the amount of trouble I was in.  I was afraid of being judged for making mistakes (since I was an “adult”) but when I started to share, ask questions, sit down and digest all the scary words being thrown at me on my monthly statements, I learned the true meaning of financial wellness.  Like physical health, financial wellness is not something that you’ve obtained, it's something that we all continually work towards, regardless of where we are in our life’s journey. 

What do I do when not at work?

I recently found my old bullet journal that I started (and stopped) in early 2018 and was re-inspired to start up again.  I now have been heavily involved in the practice of documenting my present life. I love the premise behind bullet journaling: “track the past, order the present, design the future.”  I feel that bullet journaling is something that will allow me to reflect, decompress and plan for a better future.  I have never been a huge fan of standard journaling but with the bullet journal is a more logical and analog process that doesn’t let me judge myself to harshly.  The best part is that I can customize every page, when one layout or form of documentation doesn’t work, it is awesome that you can always try it a different way.  You are not limited to just the pages you have in front of you.  Other than that, I do enjoy spending time with family and with my dog-child, Lilo.    


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