Mortgage refinance as low as 4.25% fixed for 30 years

(4.293% APR2)



Special Refinance Offer: 4.250% interest rate
Principal & Interest
30-Year Fixed
4.293% 2
$491.94 1
Per $100,000.00 financed. Monthly payment does not include mortgage insurance, taxes and other property insurance. Your actual payment obligation will be greater considering taxes and insurance premiums
Annual Percentage Rate includes standard closing cost with a FICO score of 740 and may be subject to other Loan Level Pricing Adjustments (LLPAs) such as Loan to Value and subject property
Offer is valid from 05/01/2022 to 07/31/2022 and must fund by 09/30/2022. Subject property must be Primary Residence and borrower must qualify for membership and establish automatic payments from a HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union (HawaiiUSA FCU) personal share draft account.
Certain terms and conditions may apply and are subject to change without notice. Applicant(s) is/are subject to loan qualification, underwriting guidelines, and credit policy of HawaiiUSA FCU. For more information, contact a HawaiiUSA FCU Mortgage Loan Officer.

Why consider refinancing your mortgage?

Lowering your interest rate can save you money!

A lower interest rate can reduce your monthly payment, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day. What could you do with more cash?

Pay off other debt, fund your emergency savings, or start new  projects

As you make payments on your mortgage, you’re also building up equity in your home. A cash-out refinance uses that equity and allows you to borrow against it and get cash that you can use for things such as paying down other debt (i.e. high-interest credit cards, medical bills, etc.), stashing away for emergencies, or even things like remodeling your home.

Take control over how long it’ll take to pay off your home

Refinancing to a shorter-term mortgage means even lower rates and savings over the life of your loan while also building equity in your home quicker. A 15-year mortgage compared to a 30-year mortgage, however, will likely require a higher monthly payment.

Take advantage of an improved credit score

If your credit score today is significantly higher than when you initially took out your mortgage you may qualify for a better rate.

Be flexible by going adjustable

Everyone’s different and that doubly applies to life situations. If you’re looking for lower initial payments and saving money in the short-term, an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) might be just what you need. For long-term consideration, however, you may want to go with a fixed rate loan and the security that comes with knowing your rate and payment will not change for the life of the loan.