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Level Up

Did you know that on-time payments make the biggest impact on your credit score? We will reward you for making on-time loan payments through Level Up!

Level Up

Your financial health matters. When you get a loan at HawaiiUSA, you have the opportunity to build and strengthen your credit. With good credit, you're eligible for better chances of loan approvals, lower interest rates, higher credit limits, and more. Choosing wisely doesn't stop here; each day you can make decisions that will impact your financial health now, and years from now.


How it Works

  • Eligible for Personal, New Auto, and Used Auto Loans
  • Make payments by the due date for 12 consecutive months
  • All HawaiiUSA accounts must be in good standing
  • Must have one of these three loan payment options:
    • Automatic payment from a HawaiiUSA Checking account; or
    • Automatic payment from a HawaiiUSA Savings account that has electronic payroll deposit; or
    • Payment directly to the loan from your electronic payroll deposit
  • Once you've made your 12th on-time payment, you can visit any of our branches to Level Up to a better rate!




Level Up interest rate adjustment equals one credit tier above member’s credit score at time of loan origination. Level Up not applicable for Tier 1 loans. Limit one Level Up or Good Payer Program interest rate adjustment per loan. No additional discounts apply once the Level Up interest rate adjustment is made. At the time of Level Up, member must be enrolled in automatic loan payment for at least one month prior. All qualifying requirements above must be met. If member’s current interest rate is lower than the prevailing rate of the tier they are Leveling Up to, member may decline Level Up. Subject to HawaiiUSA loan terms and conditions and may change at any time. Federally insured by NCUA.