If you haven’t yet tried “Tap to Pay,”  you’re in for a treat. Not only is it quick, convenient, and physically safer since it doesn’t require contact between your card and store surfaces; it’s actually pretty fun!

What is it?

  • Cards and smart devices with near-field communication (NFC) technology make it possible to make contactless payments at stores that have “Tap to Pay” terminals
  • The sideways Wi-Fi symbol means your card is contactless, so you don't need to swipe or insert it to pay at participating stores that have these terminals. Many national stores already have it; expect to see more stores adding this option very soon!
  • Both the Life Matters Cash Back VISA® Credit Card and the Life Matters Platinum VISA® Credit Card are contactless
  • Don't have your card? You can still utilize contactless payments with Mobile Wallet! Just add your card(s) and you're just  a tap away from your purchase.


Is it safe?

  • Yes. Your payments are just as secure as EMV chip card transactions, and it is physically safer for both you and others since no one else will touch your card. It’s a win-win!
  • How is “tap” contactless, you ask? Good question. You actually don’t even need to tap; just hover your card or Mobile Wallet-enabled smart device over the pay terminal, listen or look for confirmation, and you're good to go

How to use it

  1. At the checkout counter, see if the store’s payment terminal has the contactless symbol or “Tap” option

  2. When prompted, hover your Life Matters VISA® Credit Card (or Mobile Wallet) above the contactless symbol

  3. Listen or look for confirmation that the payment was approved. You may hear a “beep” or see “Approved” on the screen


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