Today for tomorrow

Stop storing your cash in cookie tins and shoe boxes. Available for a limited time only, the 13-Month Share Certificate is a modern way to save that assures you get more than what you gave. Federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), your funds are safe and sound, guaranteed.  

  • Your money grows with time at 1.80% APY* 
  • Recieve quarterly dividends in addition to a high-yield rate
  • Start with just $5,000 to begin earning steady returns
  • Want more? Invest up to $245,000 at the same competitive rate
  • Continue to earn, even after 13 months by rolling over into a 1-Year Share Certificate


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More than what you expected

So, you’ve paid your bills on-time and in-full. You also started an emergency fund with three-to-six months’ worth of essential living expenses for the “just in case.” If this sounds like you, you may find yourself wondering what to do with any extra money you have saved up. But if the notion of stashing your cash around the house, or hiding it under your mattress for that matter, sounds like something you’d do, it’s time to STOP! Instead of holding on to your cash at home, choose wisely and purchase a special 13-Month Share Certificate for these reasons:

  1. Let your hard-earned money grow by earning interest
    Your money won’t be able to work for you by leaving it at home. In fact, keeping cash hidden away is the quickest way for your wealth to essentially go backwards due to inflation. In other words, cash can do the most for you today if you allow it to grow. When you purchase your 13-Month Share Certificate, your cash will be able to earn a very healthy 1.80% APY* and keeping you on the path to greater financial wellness.
  2. Choose security
    Although it may be hidden in a shoebox or under your mattress, keeping your cash at home still makes it extremely vulnerable. What if you’re robbed? What if there’s a fire? What about a natural disaster such as a hurricane or flood? At HawaiiUSA, your money is backed by the NCUA’s insurance guarantee of up to $250,000 per person.
  3. Avoid the “Where is it?” panic
    We all forget things every now and then. In the case of hidden money, however, those lost memories can be financially costly. Don’t risk hiding your money in places you won’t remember or in containers that may accidentally get thrown away.


For more information, email, or contact our Call Center at (808) 534.4300 (on Oahu) or toll-free (800) 379.1300 (Neighbor Islands or mainland).

*Annual Percentage Yield. APY is effective as of June 3, 2019 and is subject to change without notice. Minimum balance requirement to open this account is $5,000.00 of New Money. New Money is defined as funds not currently on deposit with HawaiiUSA FCU and excludes funds withdrawn from HawaiiUSA FCU and redeposited into any account during the promotional period. The maximum balance is $245,000.00. You must maintain a minimum daily balance of $5,000.00 in this account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. Rate valid for a limited time. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Not combinable with any other offer. Terms on this account are offered as a special promotion. This account will automatically renew at maturity into a new 12 Month Certificate at the prevailing rate, unless specified within the 10-day grace period.