HawaiiUSA is always looking for ways to improve the security of our alternative banking services. We will email you informing you that you have a message in your Secure eMail mailbox within Online Banking. This email will be sent from OnlineBanking@hawaiiusafcu.com. To view your Secure eMail, please log on to Online Banking and click on the mail icon on the top right corner.



How do I send email inquiries?

You can click on the “Messages” menu option, and click the “Compose New Email” button at the bottom of the Inbox, add a subject line and compose a message.


How do I receive email responses?

All responses to inquiries sent via Online Banking will be sent to the Messages Inbox.


Can I have replies sent to my Internet email address?

No. For security reasons, replies will only be sent to the secure Messages Inbox.


How will I know if I have received a response in my Messages?

We will send an email notification to the Internet email address on file to alert you that there is a new message waiting for you in your Messages.


How do I reply to emails that I have received in my Messages Inbox?

To send a reply to an email in your Inbox, simply click on the subject line of the email then click Reply. A text box will appear where you can compose your message.


Can I save or delete my emails?

Yes. In the Inbox, there will be a check box to Archive or Delete the email. Archived emails will be saved in the Archived Folder which can be accessed via the Archive sub-menu. We will only retain the last 25 items during the past 6 months.


Can I use the Messages to send or receive personal emails?

No, the Messages can only be used to communicate with HawaiiUSA.


Can I use the Messages to send emails to other HawaiiUSA Members?

No, the Messages cannot be used to send emails to other Members.