We'll keep you from incurring costly fees and any embarrassment from denied payment, like when you try to pick up the bill at dinner and your debit card is denied. Choose from one of these options to get peace of mind and financial backup for your checking account. 

Your HawaiiUSA Savings Account can cover you when you fall short. Signing up for this no-cost benefit is quick and simple. 

  • Funds are transferred automatically in increments of $100 up to the available checking account balance
  • If your Savings Account balance is less than $100, the entire balance will transfer 
  • Automatic transfers are limited to six per month
  • Read official disclosure

This unsecured line of credit provides added security for your transactions and always is available to prevent returned item fees. 

  • Credit lines available from $500 to $5,000
  • Advances in $100 increments up to credit line 
  • Fixed interest rate
  • No annual fees or pre-payment penalties

With Courtesy Pay, HawaiiUSA gives you a mulligan and funds the difference for unexpected incidents and oversights that lead to overdrafts. This privilege program is offered to our most responsible members. 

  • Allows your checking account to be overdrawn up to $5001
  • No cost if you never use Courtesy Pay2 
  • Eliminates merchants' insufficient funds fees
  • Covers automatic withdrawal overdrafts from your Checking Account, e.g., ACH, ATM, EFT debit, etc.

Courtesy Pay Eligibility Standards

  • Primary account holder must be at least 18 years of age
  • All accounts must be in good standing 
  • Checking account must be active for more than 60 days 
  • Checking account is brought to a positive end-of-day available balance at least once every 15 days
  • No legal or administrative levies against the account
  • No pending bankruptcies or financial counseling agreement
  • Account holder's mailing address is current
  • Download official disclosure

To opt out or opt back in:

  1. Complete the Courtesy Pay Authorization Form (Opt-Out or Opt Back In)
  2. Submit the completed form to us
    1. By mail: HawaiiUSA FCU 1226 College Walk, Honolulu, HI 96817
    2. Visit any HawaiiUSA Branch location


1 Inclusive of fees.

2 The usual insufficient funds fee will be charged per item.