➤ Score 2.50% Cash Back on all debit card purchases

(up to $10/month)*


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Training is hard. Rewards are easy.

Meet three simple requirements each month:

  1. Make 15 Debit Card purchases
  2. Receive eStatements
  3. Use one of these: Direct deposit, ACH debit/credit, or HawaiiUSA Online Bill Pay


See the Kasasa Cash Back® Checking Qualification Cycle 2023

Team Kasasa


Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala
UH Football, Wide Receiver

“I can earn cash back on all of my debit card purchases, like meals on the go and equipment to help me recover and improve.”



“When I’m not on the field, it’s all about food and family at the beach! God and family matters most to me because they’ve helped me to become the man I am today.”

Fav money hack:

“Student discounts! It helps me to save money and spend responsibly.”

Cash back: Save or spend?

“Save it for a new car.”


Kelci Sumida
UH Women's Soccer, Midfielder

“Cash back on all my debit purchases: fuel, food, and fun.”



“When I’m not on the field, I’m relaxing at the beach with my dog. It’s a good way to recover!”

Fav money hack:

“Allowing myself to splurge every now and then, but setting a budget to stay under every month.”

Cash back: Save or spend?

“Save it for graduate school tuition.”


Jordan Donahue
UH Baseball, Infielder

“Love that I earn cash back on gas for my commute from Mililani to town!”



“Off the field, it’s all about spending time with God and family.”

Fav money hack:

“Not living thousands of miles away from family. Plane tickets are expensive.”

Cash back: Save or spend?

“Save it, you never know when you’ll need a little extra.”


Alyssa Mae Antolin
UH Women's Track & Field

Cash back on nails and Nikes? Yes, please! Plus rewards on flights back home to Kihei.”



“When I’m not on the track you’ll find me snorkeling or hiking.”

Fav money hack:

“Living in a warm climate so I don’t have to buy winter clothes!”

Cash back: Save or spend?

“Spend … Target is my happy place.”


Andre Ilagan
UH Men's Tennis

“Racquets, strings, tennis balls, grips – I use my Kasasa debit card for it all.”



“When I’m off the court I’m playing video games or eating at Da Spot.”

Fav money hack:

“Making dinner at home and not eating out often.”

Cash back: Save or spend?

“Save it! Since it’s a free account with no fees, I can save faster for my professional tennis career.”


Taylor Ledgerwood
UH Sailing

"Bikinis, surfboards, and TONS of sunscreen: Cash back on everything I need for outdoor play.”



"I am a waterperson to my core. Before college sailing, I competitively raced canoes across the Molokai channel 3 times. I also surf very frequently to relax from competitive boating."

Fav money hack:

“I spend most of my money on food (Hawaiian is my favorite), so I try to save when I can. I know which places give large portions so I can save leftovers for the next day. So many retailers have student codes which help save money!" 

Cash back: Save or spend?

“Spend it … Uncles ice cream sandwiches from Whole Foods are my guilty pleasure!"