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How to earn cash

Meet three simple requirements each month to earn rewards and ATM refunds:

  1. Make 15 Debit Card purchases
  2. Receive eStatements
  3. Use one of these: Direct deposit, ACH debit/credit, or HawaiiUSA Online Bill Pay


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Get to know Team Kasasa


Eliki Tanuvasa
UH Football, Offensive Line

“Cash back on bison patties for meal prep and my favorite dynamite maki sushi from Waipuna in Manoa. Some of the best sushi ever.”



“All-time favorite: Taking naps. 100%. Other than that, going beach.”

Best money advice:

“Meal prep! It saves me a lot of money. I try to chef it up in the kitchen instead, and impress my mom.”

Cash back: Save or spend?

“I’m more of a saver. Need tuition for chiropractic school. And if I have a rainy day, then I have savings to use.”

What does “Life matters” mean to you?

“Making my family and loved ones proud.”


Andrew Choi
UH Football, Defensive Line

“Food. Fishing gear. Diving gear. Gas. Yup, I earn cash back on it all.”



“Fishing, diving, beach.”

Fun fact about you:

“I love anime, Disney, and High School Musical.”

Fav money hack:

“Eat at home. That's the best way to save money. You eat at home.”

One of the first things you saved up for?

“A spear gun. I was tutoring my little cousin and whatever I made, I saved up so I could buy a spear gun.”

What does “Life matters” mean to you?

“My faith, family and friends matter most to me.”


Keoni Thiim
UH Men's Volleyball, Outside Hitter

“Cash back on survival basics: Arizona iced tea. Spam musubi. Creatine.”



“Love to go to China Walls with my teammates and swim/watch the sunset. And body build when we’re not in season.”

First big purchase:

“A gaming computer. I was a chef at Zippy’s and I saved up $500 to buy it from a friend. That was like five years ago, and I still use it to this day. So it was definitely worth it.”

Fun fact about you:

“I can do insane gainers off of China Walls.”

What does “Life matters” mean to you?

“Volleyball and the fans matter most to me because they are the reason I wake up with motivation and purpose every day.”


Kurt Nusterer
UH Men's Volleyball, Middle Blocker

Cash back on treats for my teammates. I love to treat my friends and family to things.”



“I usually spend time on the beach or in the sun. I also love to try different exotic foods.”

Fun fact about you:

“I speak three languages: English, German, and Spanish. And I really like to collect shoes … that's probably a very bad financial habit.”

Fav team moment:

“Definitely winning the 2022 National Championship at UCLA. That was unreal.”

What does “Life matters” mean to you?

“My teammates, my family, and my faith. I would do anything for them.”


Tayli Ikenaga
UH Women's Volleyball, Libero

“Love that I can earn cash back on Korean BBQ, beach gear, and bikinis.”



“I like to spend quality time with family and friends, relaxing or going out to eat. I also take time for self-care by going to the beach, doing skin care, or getting my nails done.”

Fav money hack:

“Setting a spending budget, as well as finding promotions and discounts through apps, getting reward points, or TikTok codes.”

Cash back: Save or spend?

“Save it, for a future trip to Japan.”

What does “Life matters” mean to you?

“What matters most to me is my family. They support me in everything I do.”


Alyssa Mae Antolin
UH Women's Track & Field

"Cash back on supplements, Starbucks, and software subscriptions.”


How do you celebrate after a meet?

“A cookie pizza from Pizza Hut or Baskin-Robbins ice cream. Ssh, don’t tell my coach.”

Fav money hack:

“Taking advantage of student discounts on the app ‘Student Bean’ or just simply holding myself accountable by only spending on what I truly need.”

Cash back: Save or spend?

“I’m saving to buy a MacBook desktop for graphic design.”

What does “Life matters” mean to you?

“Family matters most to me because they're my #1 supporters!”


Jovi Lefotu
UH Women's Basketball, Point Guard

“I use my Kasasa debit card to get all the ingredients I need to try new recipes!”



“I love to go the beach and sit in the sun. I also enjoy reading, spending time with my family, and learning new recipes!”

Fav money hack:

“I budget my money with the 50-30-20 rule. I spend 50% on needs, 30% on wants, and 20% goes to my savings.”

Biggest purchase:

“Paying rent! Me and my sister [Lily] got a new apartment, so that's big moves for us.”

What does “Life matters” mean to you?

“My family means the most to me. We support each other and enjoy spending quality time together.”


Lily Wahinekapu
UH Women’s Basketball, Point Guard

"Cash back on after-practice meals: steak, salmon, sushi too!”



" I usually go to the beach with my family, bodyboard with them. Just enjoy the water and being outside with family."

First big purchase:

“Wrecking the car. Definitely wasn’t something I planned for in advance, but I had to pay for that. " 

Fun fact about you:

“I have six different ethnicities: Samoan, Hawaiian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Puerto Rican."

What does “Life matters” mean to you?

“What matters most to me is my family because they support me and I love them :)”