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VISA Credit Card Updates

We've added some new features and enhanced current ones to provide better experiences for you as a HawaiiUSA VISA Credit Card holder. The following features are now available for you to use 24/7:

  • Alerts
  • Change of Phone Number and Address Online 
  • Reporting a Lost or Stolen Credit Card
  • View eStatements Back 24 Months
  • Making Payments Online 

All HawaiiUSA VISA credit card members are eligible, however, you must be enrolled or need to enroll Online Banking and be able to access the HawaiiUSA Credit Card website to access these benefits. 


To access the HawaiiUSA Credit Card website, simply click on your Visa Platinum / Pink Platinum Credit Card link within Online Banking.


HawaiiUSA Online Banking Screenshot identifying VISA Credit Card Link


To login to Online Banking, click the teal bar on the top right hand corner of this page to open up the box and proceed. To sign up for Online Banking, click the "New User? Or Forgot Password?" link. 


Setup Alerts to receive immediate notifications on your purchases or payments made on your card. This fraud-prevention tool allows you to set your own dollar amount threshold and can alert you through text message or email. Starting August 9, 2016, you can enter up to 10 mobile numbers and/or email addresses to text and email alerts. 

Change Phone Number and Address Online

Updating the address and phone number listed on your credit card can now be completed online.

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card Online

Prior to this feature, you could only report your lost or stolen credit card by picking up the phone. Now you can get this process done instantly through our credit card website. 

View eStatements Back 24 Months

No need to stop by a branch and request a statement to be printed for a fee, you can view them for free online. We've extended the history of your eStatements, for your credit card, from 12 months to 24 months. 

Make Payments Online

Save paper! Say goodbye to writing checks, mailing in payments, or visiting a branch. Make your credit card payments online, 24/7.