HawaiiUSA and ID Experts™ are here to support your business

Running your business is complicated enough without additional stress from cyber-attacks or fleet vehicles that are breaking down and costing a lot of money. HawaiiUSA gives you peace of mind with reliable protection.

Large expenses related to repairing your vehicle fleet can undermine your company's finances. Here's an affordable vehicle protection plan that covers the significant costs of most unexpected mechanical breakdowns. 

As your fleet ages, you know that maintenance costs also can rise. Major Mechanical Protection (MPP) from HawaiiUSA protects against huge repair expenses. Multiple options are available, with Platinum Coverage offering the most comprehensive coverage.

What your credit card provider can’t identify is actual identity theft, in which a criminal would use your personal information to open new accounts in your name. Credit monitoring uses credit bureau data to detect changes to your credit file, such as address changes, name changes or new accounts. Identity thieves go to great lengths to cover their tracks so they can use a stolen identity for as long as possible before detection. For instance, opening accounts in your name and social security number but at a new address helps to avoid discovery. This is where credit monitoring can help detect fraud in a way your credit card provider cannot.


Individual MyIDCare Protection: $6.99/month


  • HawaiiUSA MyIDCare Plan includes:
    • Single Bureau Credit Monitoring
    • Dark Web CyberScan Monitoring
    • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    • 100% Recovery Guarantee or Your Money Back
    • Fully-Managed, U.S. Based Identity Recovery
    • Lost Wallet coverage
    • Expert Assistance
    • Monthly recap of account activities
    • Password Detective to help uncover compromised passwords
    • Change of Address Monitoring
    • Court Record Monitoring
    • Payday Loan Monitoring
    • Social Security Fraud Monitoring


If your company's system is ever compromised, ID Experts™ has the experience and services to help you and your customers recover completely. This HawaiiUSA partner will keep your credibility intact through the following customizable services: 

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Customer relationship management 
  • ID theft recovery and restoration
  • Prevention of future data breaches