What permissions can sub-users have?

A sub-user has access to only what you as the business owner grant. Because each sub-user sets up their own credentials, your account remains secure. The following permissions are configurable by you as the business owner/primary user of the account:


  • Manage other users/roles
  • Manage payees


  • Make transfers

Bill Pay

  • Allowed to pay bills (Configurable dollar limits)


  • External
  • M2M (Member-To-Member)


  • eStatements
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Edit Business Contact Information

To get started, first set up roles and permissions. You’ll then be able to create sub-users and assign roles and permissions to them.


Set up roles and permissions

Important: At least one role must be created to add a sub-user

  1. Click the Business Tools tab, then Business Admin


  1. Select the Roles tab
  2. Click Add Role


  1. Insert the role name and description
  2. Click Create Role


  1. Complete verification (if prompted)


  1. Select the role created
  2. Click the edit (pencil) icon next to permissions


  1. Click the checkbox next to the desired permissions
    • Fill in the limits section if applicable
  2. Click Save Changes


Assign the account(s) to the role

  1. In the Accounts and Limits section, click the edit (pencil) icon


  1. Click Add Accounts
  2. Select the desired account permissions for the role
  3. Move onto “assign accounts”


  1. Select which accounts to assign the role to
  2. Click Assign Accounts when finished


Assign the Limit(s) to the role

  1. Select Edit Limits
  2. Select the method you wish to apply for the role
  3. Enter in the daily, weekly, and monthly limit
  4. Click Save Changes when finished