Greg Young - President & CEO

Greg was appointed President and CEO of HawaiiUSA in 2021, a transformational year for the credit union after operating through the pandemic. After taking the helm, he became a powerful influence in moving HawaiiUSA into a more innovative and competitive space. Under Greg’s leadership, new technologies were adopted to leverage data and optimize the member experience. His previous role at HawaiiUSA was most recently Chief Lending Officer where he was instrumental in making loan application and processing easier and faster for businesses, as well as individuals.


Gregory Chang - Chief Operating Officer

Gregory is a longtime committed employee at HawaiiUSA who began in 1993 as Vice President & Controller. As COO today, he oversees Administration, Payment Operations, and the Member Protection Center. Gregory and his team provide support to frontline staff and work to streamline operations, increase efficiency to support growth, and deliver quality member relationships. During his tenure, Gregory has built successful teams at HawaiiUSA. He commits to pursuing performance excellence and continuous process improvement efforts to serve members, staff, and the greater community.


John Donlin - Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, John oversees the Information Technology, Knowledge Management, and Digital Banking teams. Under his leadership, HawaiiUSA has been able to deliver a robust online and mobile platform to enhance member experiences by offering seamless and convenient solutions. During his tenure, John helped to foster data governance and data integrity to transform information as an asset. Since joining HawaiiUSA in 2015, John’s focus has been to build a true learning organization that embraces failure and success as opportunities.


Scott Matsushima - Chief Lending Officer

In his role as Chief Lending Officer, Scott directs the teams responsible for Residential Mortgage, Consumer Loans, Commercial Sales, Collections, Loan Administration, and Credit Risk. Under his leadership, HawaiiUSA has worked to optimize and deliver benefits to members so they may achieve their financial dreams. Scott and his team have implemented strategies to make credit and lending something that members can use to their advantage and not detriment. During Scott’s tenure, HawaiiUSA has increased consumer lending while maintaining quality standards and turnaround times.


Katherine Mobley - Chief Growth Officer

Katherine joined HawaiiUSA in 2022 as its Chief Growth Officer, a role that was created to ensure success and growth in the areas of brand awareness, new memberships, and relationship expansion with products and services. She oversees teams working in Digital Marketing, Product Management, Investment and Insurance, and Membership Growth, including Community and Financial Wellness. Katherine is passionate about the financial wellness of members and working on initiatives towards brand refreshment, improved onboarding, and automated marketing based on member behavior.


John Molenda - Chief Financial Officer

As HawaiiUSA’s Chief Financial Officer, John ensures the credit union’s overall safety, soundness, and sustainability. His expertise serves the areas of Accounting, Finance, Enterprise Risk Management, and Legislative Advocacy within the organization. Since joining HawaiiUSA in 2019 as its Chief Administrative Officer, John has enabled these core areas to make great strides in professionalism and quality. In his current role as CFO, John is committed to helping the credit union’s sustainability by providing internal financial guidance to all roles and departments.


Brandy Oki - Chief Experience Officer

Brandy leads HawaiiUSA’s service delivery initiatives by overseeing 14 retail facilities, the member contact center, and banking operations as its Chief Experience Officer. She’s focused on both the human and digital experience to enable HawaiiUSA to create meaningful connections, foster member loyalty, and drive growth. Since 2006, Brandy has worked in various HawaiiUSA roles within the realm of human resources. She was most recently the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Workforce Excellence. Brandy’s focus centers around developing an environment of excellence.