Credit Unions are owned by members and governed by member volunteers. As such, the HawaiiUSA Board of Directors is seeking dedicated and responsible members for selection to fill available volunteer positions on the following committees:


  • Governance – Provides, monitors, and evaluates the Boards’ performance for the purpose of ensuring a highly effective governing body.
  • Nominations, Elections, and Volunteer Programs – Identifies, recruits, and provides orientation to potential Board and Volunteer Board Committee Members with a range and variety of strengths and interests, including establishing and overseeing the rules and procedures regarding nominees, ballots, and election.
  • Scholarship – Implements the annual HawaiiUSA FCU Scholarship Program, including procedures for the application and selection of recipients.

Volunteer committee positions assume fiduciary responsibility, do not receive compensation, and may require many hours of time commitment.
Deadline for completing application is Tuesday, February 22, 2022. Please mail application to:

Attn: Board of Directors
1226 College Walk
Honolulu, HI 96817-3995